3 Ways Technology is Reshaping the Customer Experience

Companies are beginning to truly embrace the technology around them to improve many aspects of their business. One place that is beginning to see some real impact is with customer service. As we see more and more businesses embrace such software as Microsoft’s dynamics crm for improved customer experiences, it is getting obvious that technology will be the next big wave in reaching out to prospects.

As our own customers begin to become more comfortable with technology in their lives, we also will see an introduction of great technology that improves their business interactions. From software that gives our customer service reps the right information at their fingertips to putting our product experts within reach of our customers to solve problems, technology is making everyone’s lives easier.

While most smart businesses have a website, a Facebook page, a blog and plenty of social media, there is always room for improvement. Check out the ideas below and see which ones might be a benefit for your customer facing employees.

Social Media and Product Experts

One of the best uses of technology is to create pathways for your product experts to be able to answer questions that come up on social media. Because this is their area of expertise, it is important that they be hooked into all your social media platforms to handle those detailed questions.

When the people who really know their stuff step up, you will find fewer complaints on social media from customers and more of them looking at your company as a problem solver. You become one of the few that pays attention to their customers and their needs.

Share the Knowledge

When you create a space on your social media platforms for your customers to share the knowledge they have about your product you create a sharing community. Many of your customers may be avid supporters of you and your business, and know their way around your products well enough to share that information. Add in some videos and how to blog posts that address potential problems before they even crop up online and you have an interactive community that pulls together.

There is an App for That!

One way that many businesses are approaching customer service is to make it mobile and easy for anyone to use no matter where they are. They do this by creating an app that the customer can load onto their smartphone to get help when they need it and wherever they happen to be. With price comparison shopping at an all time high customer service is how most businesses stand out in the crowd, and an app to make them available 24/7 is a great way to deliver that.

All This and More

As you can see, these are all examples of how technology can benefit any company’s customer service delivery. When you add in the many software components that give your customer service reps real time information on the customers they are helping, it adds to the richness of the experience. From software enabled information to creating community through social media, the technological shift in customer service is making it more personal and human, not less. The difference is in how we use that technology to connect.