Adam Quirk Demonstrates the Role of Ethics in Criminal Justice

When it comes to the area of criminal justice, the code of ethics works similar to a compass and lets one determine how to deal with a critical situation or take a decision on which law stands. Practically, there is no point of framing law and order if professionals attached with its different branches forget their morals or ethical parts which surely degrade the standard of society and nation as a whole.

According to the prominent defense and criminal justice professional Adam Quirk that people serving for law and order ensure that whatever they do that is as per the law and sticking to the morals. All who are in positions of power, prominence or with greater influence in the community and above all are protectors of law should be free from all prejudice, biasness and should be open minded to provide right justice to people.

Knowing the Specifications In Details From Expert Agent Adam Quirk

With his bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Mr. Adam has devoted his best services to his nation for over 15 years. His brilliant professional life has been extremely appreciated, acclaimed and being rewarded for the remarkable accomplishments for each and every department that he has served. For a long time he was associated with Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA cell as its senior investigator. He also worked for USIS or US Investigation Services departments.

Being a major contributor to American law and order systems, Mr. Adam considers that people planning to join the criminal justice system or students of criminal justice courses should always mind that your conduct as the protector of law means a lot. Without ethics, law carries a zero value and that is enough to destroy the society. Therefore, depending on the particular job area where you are, ethical codes must govern all your activities and interactions with law-breakers and must follow the justice systems.

Defense Attorney

As a defense attorney, your professional ethics make you liable to defend someone who is assumed or suspected as guilty for a criminal case. While representing your client fairly is your ethical obligation, you must make sure that your client offers authentic and honest evidences and testimonials before the court.

Prosecutor Attorney

As a prosecutor attorney one should maintain all ethical standards to ensure that a defendant who has not committed a crime is being punished. You should provide accurate testimony and evidences that are not fake and service for the law with due honesty.

Police Officer

In the role of a police officer who typically is the first person to face a criminal activity one must respond quickly to protect lives, catch hold of the offender and get legal evidences. A police office a key symbol of law and order should be non-biased, law-abiding, justifiable and non-discriminatory to protect guiltless citizens.


Being the interpreter of law, a Judge plays a major role in criminal justice. He should make proper analysis of law where no emotional feeling, religious beliefs or non-biased decision has a place.

Adam Quirk FBI is an esteemed name for the great services Mr. Adam has offered to the esteemed Agency of being its criminal investigator. During this time, he traveled all through the country for criminal investigation purpose. He also holds MBA degree from university of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.