Dianabol: the muscle mass enhancer!

Fitness is the primary goal of every person these days. Mental and physical fitness are the prerequisites for a peaceful and successful life. But staying so, that too in this hectic lifestyle is pretty challenging. A lot of time and effort needs to be invested in order to attain a perfectly healthy and ripped body.  This means a balanced diet, whole body exercises with a lot of fluids intake. However, the fitness process is slow. If someone wants faster results, then only diet and exercise won’t help. Then a person would need something extra.

For this, people choose dietary supplements which will help the body to augment the natural processes going on in the body, or a synthetic steroid itself which mimics the naturally occurring steroids in the body, so gives an overall additive effect. There are many anabolic-androgenic steroidal performance enhancers, famous in the market, one of which is Dianabol. It is quite widespread among professional body building aficionados, sports persons, and even amateur athletes. The drug is consumed by most of the people interested in achieving lean and slender muscles. This steroid is found all over the world. In India, Danabol price in rupees varies according to the quality and concentration you desire. There are certain cheap forms and other costly forms too. The price range can start from 130 rupees/ tablet.

Dianabol usage

It is a powerful anabolic with extensive androgenic properties. It advances the body’s capability to preserve nitrogen. This nitrogen is an essentiality for the cells to make amino acids and as a result, peptides and proteins which ultimately adds on to the muscle mass. This Methandrostenolone will help you to obtain lean muscles, upgrade stamina and improve physical strength. Research has shown that Dianabol helps to upsurge anaerobic glycolysis, which causes excessive lactic acid build up in the body (also a reason for muscle cramps). But this lactic acid can be utilized by the muscle tissues to make glycogen, which in turn generates energy in the body and increases the anaerobic metabolism. Lactic acid will also help in removal of dietary carbohydrates from the body, thus making another way to gaining fat, using this steroid.

It has been also shown that it is effective to prevent osteoporosis. It is in fact seen to be more effective than calcium supplements in dropping osteoporotic activity. Dianabol increases the potassium and calcium levels of the body. Enhanced calcium helps in better transport of proteins and Creatine towards the muscles, helping in better muscle contractions and even insulin release.

Dianabol dosage and side-effects

50 to 150 mg/week of the injectable form of Dianabol or 25-50 mg/day of oral form is the suggested dose for male athletes. It is not recommended for women (due to its androgenic properties). People suffering from high blood pressure, some cardiac issues or cancer are also advised to stay away from using it. Overuse can cause pattern baldness, oily skin problems, rage issues, mood swings and insomnia. Masculine characters may appear in women.

So use this drug judiciously. Check for the Dianabol price in rupees, before buying. You will need a prescription to buy this drug. Read reviews carefully.