Four Things Your Customers Really Want from Your Field Techs

For service based businesses, taking care of vendors and clients is the key to success. If there is anyone in your company who spends more time helping customers face to face, it is your technicians who are out in the field. Because these are the folks who spend time with customers, helping them with technical problems or solving hands on problems, they build up a trust with your customers that is in turn extended to the whole business. They know the secretaries by first name, have a good relationship with the receptionist and may even know her kid’s names and can talk comfortably with the staff about how your business can help them.

This is why your customers have such great expectations of them, and rightly so. But to keep that trust, your field reps and techs need to be connected with the office so that problems can be solved on the run. This is where software like the Dynamics 365 field service application can help. A software program that connects the experts in the office with the hands on help out in the field can nip a problem in the bud and smooth out ruffled feathers as if they had never happened.

Of course, they can’t solve every problem that crops up. That is why it is important that everyone in a service based company understands just what your customers really want from those folks out in the field. Here is our best assessment of what they should be aware of, whether they work in the field or back in the office at a desk.

Better Response Time

This has to be the number one request of almost all companies, and there is a good reason why. When something isn’t working right, it can feel like hours or days waiting for help to arrive. This is true even when it is only minutes before help arrives.

For solving this, many companies employ the use of various business solutions software like those offered by AlfaPeople. These software solutions are often mobile, usually on the field staff’s smartphone, and allow them to stay in touch, find the right solution, and implement it all in the same visit.

Preventing Service Failures Before They Happen

While this one may sound like your customers are asking for the moon and the stars, are they are really asking for is a bit of diagnostic help so the problems never happen. With any kind of service business, this mostly is directed at problems that just seem to crop up again and again. These will cause frustration with your customers and in the end maybe even make them leave. Investing in the right diagnostic tools from the start can be a smart solution to this.

Get Sales Involved, But Not Too Much

While it is important to keep everyone in the loop when it comes to solving those field calls, it is also important to not have the sales team turn every field visit into a sales opportunity. While a maintenance agreement might be a smart solution, and help solve many of these problems, it isn’t the only one. Keep the relationships tight, make solutions doable and let sales help but not drive the solution for the field.

Keep Them Happy

Bottom line is always that when you make a customer happy you keep them. This being said, you don’t have to give the store away to keep them happy. Having field techs with the right tools and the ability to find answers quickly is the best solution.