Six Ways Plantation Shutters May Benefit Your Home

When you’re looking to improve your home interior, shutters may not be the first thing you think about. You may consider repainting your home, redecorating, or even putting in new kitchen cabinets. However, if you’re looking for a home improvement investment that is sturdy, reliable, and saves you money, you may want to consider plantation shades for your home.

Plantation shades are incredibly popular due to their sleek design, sturdy quality, and versatility. They serve to not only beautify your home but also increase the utility of your windows through their designs and, as a result, give you more control over your house as a whole. Below are a few of the benefits of installing plantation blinds.

Built From Wood

Plantation blinds are built from strong elegant wood and you can decide what variety of wood best suits your home’s decor and colour scheme. This means that your shutters will last a long time and serve as a beautiful addition to your home’s furnishings alongside being a useful and effective utility.

Provide Privacy

Plantation shutters allow light to enter your home without allowing passersby to peer in. Through the angles of the blinds themselves, sunlight floods in and wandering eyes stay out. If you ever want a full view of the scenery outside, you need only open the shutters all the way and close them again when you want your privacy once more.

Light Adjustment

Another advantage of having plantation blinds is the ability to manipulate the light that flows into your house according to how you want it. Unlike regular blinds or curtains, you have the full spectrum from darkness to brightness at your fingertips with plantation blinds. Opening the blinds downwards allows sunlight to pour directly into the room. Upwards, on the other hand, blocks direct sunlight but still allows gentle light into the room.

Money Saving

You control the inflow of air through plantation shades as the blinds can be adjusted to either allow in a cold breeze that’ll cool your rooms or closed off to keep the temperatures consistent within. Thanks to these conditional controls, these shutters can save you a great deal on energy bills through minimising the amount of cool or hot air escaping from your house. Less cool or hot air escaping means less use of your air conditioning or heating systems and therefore less spending on bills.


These shutters can also be made to fit almost any shape of entryway. From rectangular to circular, from arching to diamond shaped, the variety in styles means that any room in the home in need of shutters can get them. The variety in panel hinges and tiers also means that with good planning, no room’s obstacle can keep you from installing and properly using your plantation blinds.

Low Maintenance

With the price of maintaining expensive air conditioning systems ever-rising, the low maintenance required in owning plantation shades can be a welcome change. Plantation shades need only be occasionally dusted and cleaned in order to keep up their elegant appearance. Other than that, they require no more and serve to lower your energy bills and provide you with privacy and comfort without any additional upkeep.