Stanozolol is Effective for Cutting Cycles and Enhancing Performance during Workouts

Steroids like Stanozolol fall under the category of anabolic steroids. They are used for bulking, cutting cycles, and enhancing the strength and stamina during workouts and while performing other sports. However, taking steroids during sports tournaments is not allowed. Most of the athletes take them during the practice phase.

A legal steroid that does not require prescription

This is a steroid that is available to buy over the counter in many countries, where it is legalized. Those who want to get a ripped physique and enhance their stamina can take these steroids with recommended dosage and with proper diet. It increases the blood flow within the body, reduces the fat, and helps in building muscle strength.

Primary goal of this steroid

  • This steroid is used for getting a bulking physique.
  • It increases the mass of the muscles by stimulating the cells in the tissues.
  • It can also be used during off season.
  • It also enhances the metabolic rate and increases vascularity.
  • It helps users with lean body build better muscles.
  • It helps in speeding up the performance during workouts.
  • It is best consumed in the form of pills.
  • An unbalanced dosage of this steroid can adversely affect the liver.
  • Keep a count of liver enzymes before you take these steroids.
  • Eliminate consumption of alcohol totally when taking these steroids.
  • Hair loss and breakout of acne are other side effects of taking these steroids.
  • Female bodybuilders must use these steroids with caution as it can destroy femininity.
  • When women notice virilization symptoms, they must stop taking these steroids.

Safety for bodybuilders

The injectable form is also available and has more water content. The stimulating effect works better in the injectable form, than using the capsules. On an average, 50 mg is the correct dosage to be taken by bodybuilding men. Before consuming these pills, it’s important to understand that is has side effects. They could be mild to severe in nature depending on various conditions.

These are stimulants, and those people with cholesterol problems must not use them. If you still want to use this steroid despite having a cholesterol problem, maintain a diet that is rich in fatty acids. For men, one of the most common side effects felt is lowering of sperm count and libido.


Any man or woman can look bionic and get a stunning physique when they take these steroids with caution, and if they maintain a proper diet.