The best in marine technology consultants

If you are looking for a marine technology consultant that can help get the job done. Then Stewart technology association is the company for you. Consulting for off shore businesses for years, providing experience and expertise to any job that they take on. Offering a wide variety of services and software that can handle the job. Designing software for offshore needs, to make sure the job is done correctly. If you are unfamiliar with some of the services and products they have, let me tell you what they can offer you and your business.

Founded in 1986, STA (Stewart technology association) provides a well-balanced software that handles many needs of those who work offshore.  Which is an oil and gas software to help monitor   multiple different types of systems listed below.

  • Hydrodynamic analysis.
  • Riser analysis
  • Anchor
  • Waves
  • Mooring systems

This software is used by more than 170 organizations around the world. With this software, it can help engineer consultants to provide a wide range of models, that can outline how things will go. Though you can purchase the software yourself, it is encouraged to have consultants from STA to handle the using of it, since they are experienced to handle it efficiently.

To go a bit in depth on what it is capable of what it does. It has the ability to model emergency disconnect of drilling risers. Modeling the recoil and show what equipment is needed to prevent traveling stress.

It also can model for mooring and cable dynamics. Showing drift in sea and how it affects everything. There are plenty of other things that it is able to model, thought I won’t bog you down with every feature. If interested, you can find the full list of features on their web site or give them a call regarding any questions. They also provide classes they can teach, helping your employees understand how this software works, as well as the ins and outs.

Though as impressive as this system can be, this is not the only thing that STA works on when hired. They work with multiple different areas of marine time work. Things like life boat design, helping you find the safest and efficient designs you will need in those emergency situations.

They have also devoted their time to develop systems and techniques to help asset in oil spills. Often not thought about, since its far and few between huge oil spills. STA is dedicated to make sure you are ready when these types of situation happens. Making you glad that you invested in the time to handle these unfortunate events.

Stewart Technology Associates are one of the most well regarded names in their field. Providing a diverse amount experience and can help you avoid disaster in the future. So, if you are in need or interested in any of their services, give them an inquire and they will be happy to help. Because when it comes to this level work, you need a company that you can trust.