Turning Hotels into Luxury Leisure Stops

Hotel managers sometimes have a difficult time dealing with cost effectiveness when it comes to supplies. This is often why normal hotels might not get as highly rated as others. When hotel managers are looking to optimise their cost effectiveness; however, they often do not know where to turn. One way is to consider what the customers themselves actually want to see in a hotel room.

In these instances, it can feel hard to improve hotels, especially when deciding how to reorganise the supplies coming in and out of the hotels. For instance, linens are a great example of how some hotel managers want to improve their processes, but they are not sure what to do. The linens may be worn out, even stained. Therefore, an easy, clear solution that can save the hotel owners money does not seem likely.

Fortunately, there is a solution. While many hotel managers may not be aware of it yet, the more exposure this type of solution gets, the easier it will be for management to implement it as a long-term strategy that can turn their hotel from mediocre to luxurious.

The Problem with Linens

There are a few different problems with linens. When hotel managers buy new linens, they expect to be able to use them and reuse them as much as possible. Doing this saves money, and if the guests do not mind, it should be okay. However, there is a problem with this assumption. Unfortunately, a lot of hotel managers forget to reorder new linens, and the powerful cleaning and sanitising processes often degrade the quality of the linens much sooner than the managers suspect.

Because there is a lack of testing for poor quality, many problems can happen. Guests can become increasingly dissatisfied with the thin and coarse quality of the linens on their bed, not to mention the condition of the towels that often become less absorbent and pricklier over time.

A Good Solution

In this instance, it’s much easier to use bed linen hire. This is a process that simplifies the procedure of reordering brand new linens and trying to get as many uses out of them as possible. Hotel managers essentially sign up for a linen hire company and request a specific amount of linens to be delivered on a weekly, monthly, or fortnightly basis, depending on the rate at which guests check in and out of the hotel.

These linens are cleaned much better than the ones washed through standard hotel cleansing procedures and always feel fresh and brand new when they arrive. Hotel managers do not have to worry about linens going to waste because they can simply return them when they are done and get new ones. This strategy effectively increases the quality of the experience for the customers and makes it a lot easier for everyone to enjoy the hotel experience.  It also makes things much more affordable for hotels, and the hotels do not have to deal with waste at all.